RAI GENOVA, Granarolo
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Genova Granarolo is one of the oldest radio site in Italy. It was build by Eiar in the 1929 with a 1,5 trasmitter made by Western. The antenna was a 60 meter high Marconi type. Now Genova Granarolo broadcast on medium wave on 936 khz (RadioDue) and 1305 khz (RadioTre).

Granarolo transmitter in the 1929

Granarolo site in the 1944

The antenna of Rai Granarolo, Genova

The antenna of Granarolo in the 1929

Rai Granarolo sign

The antenna of Granarolo and the view of Genova

For reception report write to: Rai , Viale Mazzini 14 - 00195 Roma Italy