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Rohde Schwarz EK 085 receiver used on CW shortwave traffic

Cw Shortwave receiver and an automatic traffic terminal

CW operator key and table

Four shortwave receiver used to monitor the ssb freq. of IAR

A cw operator

The 500 Khz traffic antenna

Tx antenna of IAR

Tx antenna of IAR


An old Olivetti telex

The remote station box


Freq. of the IAR Roma Radio  
4390 - 8713 - 13182 - 17377 khz SSB and Autolink
4417 - 8779 - 13137 - 17302 - 22756 khz SSB

From october the 31st 2005 IAR stop morse radio service, here his the final CW message:

de iar iar ar va cq cq cq de iar iar this is the final transmission from
roma radio morse service. We conclude our watchkeeping after many years of
continuous service with pride and sadness on october the 31st. telecom
italia coast stations wishes all seafarers fair winds and following seas. we
salute all who have served our profession with skill and dedication through
the years.


Italian Coast stations remotly controlled by Roma Radio:  
IQX Trieste Radio 2624 khz
ICB Genova Radio 2672 khz
IPD Civitavecchia Radio 1888 khz
IPL Livorno Radio 2591 khz
IDC Cagliari Radio 2680 khz
IPA Ancona Radio 2656 khz
IQP San Benedetto del Tronto Radio 1855 khz
IZN Porto Torres Radio 2719 khz

For reception report write to: Roma Radio - Telecom Italia - Via della Cesarina 282, 00139 Roma, ITALY