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The new DRM transmitter from Transradio ( 25 Kw on 846 khz) operative from 14/01/2008

The transmitter big room with the Thomcast tx (846 Khz - 1200 KW) and on 1332 khz - 600 KW now switched off.

Thomcast transmitter

50 Kw Dummy load

Old transmitter Marconi 300 Kw power

Santa Palomba antenna model (during 80's)

The entrance

The two medium wave antennas of Santa Palomba Site near Rome

The two antenna base

The mast of 846 khz antenna
(1200 kw was used on this frequency)

The spare antenna now used for Drm Tests

The old 1332 khz antenna system

The top the two antennas

Photo by Peter C. Vrakking - Dutch Medium Wave

Freq. used on the Santa Palomba RAI Site  
846 khz DRM digital 25 Kw

For reception report write to: Rai , Viale Mazzini 14 00195 Roma