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My 10 Mhz QRSS Beacon in a "box"

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UPDATE !! 23/5/2007: Now the beacon have a new 40 meter frequency: 7000.935 Khz using QRSS3 Modulation. Here are some reception report.

16/5/2006: My beacon is using now a simple CW keying QRSS3 10140.020 khz, power is 20 milliwatt. I'm using a PIC program PicBeacon di Ik2pcb. Click here for the reception report

23/4/2006: New fishbone wave, received report from: IN3KLQ , ON5SL, DL6JAN, G6AVK, ON6RR, I2NDT, IZ1KGL

April UPDATE: New Sawtooth waveform for my beacon, click here for the report

UPDATE:The beacon was received in all Europe and in Australia and New Zeland, click here for full report list !!

Hello, in this page your can find some information about my Qrss Beacon project.

The idea of making this beacon start from two project, one is the Hans G0GPL QRSS Junkbox Beacon and the other is the simple "2 transistor" project from Colin G6AVK.

Using this two circuit and also looking idea from Alessandro I0SKK Beacon i start the builing with ugly construction (or ground-plane construction) my beacon. Using a simple 10140 khz xtal (Tnx Peter DL6NL !!)i build the Colpitts oscillator and the "power" stage with a 2n2222a transistor. In the first test the "low pass" filter is not used as you can see in the photo, as a "band filter" i'm using Kenwood Antenna Tuner. A simple circuit with NE555 is used as a patten generator, and in the ARGO screen look like a lot of "T" in morse Code. The frequency is 10140.020 Khz.

Click here for the full schematic of the beacon

The power of the beacon is 20 mWatt and for antenna is used a "Fishind Rod" vertical, 7.5 meter high.

For a better frequency stability the beacon is now inside a "baby shoes" box near my ham radio shack.

This is the beacon "patten" received from Ale I0SSK

Other photo of the fist test of my beacon

My antenna tuner used as a "band filter"

My fishing rod vertical antenna

First test "in a box"